Japan by Food(Youtube)で海の京都エリアを取り上げていただきました。

海の京都エリアを巡るレンタカープラン(インバウンド向け)のYoutube動画がJapan by Foodさんから配信・公開されました!海の京都の美味しくてスペシャルなものを紹介しています!ぜひご覧ください!

Shizuka Anderson and Leina Bambino discover Kyoto by the sea, also known as “Umi no Kyoto” in Japanese! First, they make a stop in Maizuru, Kyoto for a stunning view of the seaside houses from Goro Sky Tower. Then, they visit Kakigoya Oyster House to have extremely fresh oysters and other seafood straight at the source. These wild oysters are 2-3 years old, so they are much larger than the farmed variety which are only about a year old.
Then, Shizuka and Leina arrive at Ine, which is known as the “Venice of Japan.” They have a little dessert at Cafe & BB guri before continuing on to a local boathouse that has been remodeled and turned into an inn. The owners are a family of sushi chefs, so they know how to prepare an elaborate, seafood meal. The course meal includes various types of sashimi from yellowtail to horse mackerel. They also enjoy shabu-shabu with buri (yellowtail).